NASA selects Interlog Corporation to develop a multi-material fabrication lab, or FabLab, for NASA’s Next Space Technologies for Exploration Partnerships (NextSTEP) program.

“Let's meet a brand new lighting concept”



Recently, our team is focusing on the development of new concepts of an innovative extrusion head for 3D direct-deposition.


Everything from the construction trades to basketball in the driveway, the LUMIVEC™ offers a solution for most all the lighting problems encountered.

Defense Industry

Interlog Corporation's components are precisely manufactured for military use in rigorous and hazardous conditions.

Case Study #1

A unique light that can perform almost in any environments from construction sites to outdoor activities. Learn more →

Case Study #2

Cheap work lights can cause more damages to your work. Unsafe, easily breakable and not bright enough. Here is the solution →

LUMIVEC™ Portable Work Light

Super bright LED, 360° Portable Work Light for all your home renovations. Ideal for working in areas without lighting, place it in the center of the area and you have a lit area to work, and never need to move the light. 15 ft. cord, is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is completely water-resistant! Also, 44W / 4400 lumens, long-lasting LEDs mean you can use your light for years to come!

- Contractor

This is the best light I have ever had, if you want to light up a room this is the light for you, I've used both 180° and the 360° lights, and these are one of the best-designed work lights in the market. It is lightweight, versatile application, compact, easy to use, so bright it's hard to look at straight on. I work as a contractor at construction, and with this, in a room, there's no need for 3 and 4 lights anymore, those halogen lights are so hot, and this one is cool to the touch, I highly recommend this product if you are looking to buy the best work light!!!

- Ryan Johns 

More about the LUMIVEC™ Portable Work Light

An experience like you never had before. No more constant replacement issues due to breakage or cheap design. LUMIVEC™ Portable Work Light can be placed on the ground, hung from its carrying straps, or placed on a tripod. It has the versatility no other lights have.

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Founded in 1992, Interlog Corporation specialized in the fabrication of quality electrical and mechanical components for use on military and commercial vehicles.


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Our products include vehicular lights, signal components, electrical assemblies, wiring harnesses and other precision-fabricated components. Our commitments to high standards are demonstrated by the superior products and exceptional service we provide to our customers.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer

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