Commitment to Highest Professional Standards

Highly reliable results, based on the expertise from many years of experience

Our Mission

Interlog Corporation is committed to building a highly specialized business organization through a balanced plan of maximizing the
international trade capability, manufacturing capacity and industry expertise.

This commitment includes establishing sales in the commercial/defense industry both U.S. and foreign countries through building up worldwide customer/supplier bases and developing in-house manufacturing capabilities.

Recently, Interlog Corporation has begun to concentrate on technology innovations aiming for the next generation of additive manufacturing technology/quality assurance and have built a top-class team of scientists, engineers and staff. Our R&D capability will take advantage of our team’s prior successful experience with other government and commercial R&D, engineering and manufacturing projects.



Manufacturing of:

  • Vehicular Lighting and Signal Products
  • LED lights for military and commercial industries
  • Electrical wiring harnesses
  • Electrical motors and sensors

Our team has already performed and accumulated all necessary core technologies. Our team has an extensive theoretical background and hands-on experience in small system integration, sensor/actuator design/packaging, electronics design/fabrication, electro-optics, and software with an outsourcing network for machine fabrication and assembly.



With years of experience of providing our customers with high-quality products and exceptional service have become a leader in highly competitive and technical industries.

We have experience in smart sensors/actuators and sensor fusion technologies, robot manipulator design/production, an ultra-high resolution surveillance camera; a self-sensing, regulating MEMS actuator; an optical rifle-shot detection before shot; active noise control systems for the NASA International Space Station (ISS); and deep machine learning, and 3D reconstruction.